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npm install @chatbotkit/sdk


Node SDK Version 1.11.0 is now out|

Node SDK Version 1.11.0 is a comprehensive update that introduces full support for Secrets and Contacts APIs, enhanced access to analytics, and new performance parameters in the usage API. Learn More

Three New Exciting Playgrounds: API, JSONPath and JMESPath|

API, JSONPath, and JMESPath are three new exciting playgrounds that allow users to test API endpoints, evaluate JSONPath queries, and try out JMESPath queries on JSON data. Learn More

Beta Release of Mistral Small Language Model|

The Mistral Small language model is a cost-effective and efficient AI solution designed for simple tasks and now it is available on the ChatBotKit platform. Learn More

New Dataset Storage Class For Better RAGs|

Advanced vector-search store "Lingo Sprout" is a beta dataset storage class by OpenAI, designed to revolutionize AI systems' management and retrieval of conversational data. Learn More

New Command to Streamline AI Development|

Streamline AI development with the powerful cbk solution command, a groundbreaking feature in ChatBotKit SDK. Learn More

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Start Conversational AI Projects|

The launch of create-cbk-app brings a groundbreaking open-source tool for simplifying and accelerating conversational AI project creation using Node.js. Learn More

A secure vault for sensitive information|

A secure vault for storing sensitive information, Secrets enhances the security and privacy of data within ChatBotKit services. Learn More

Transforming Conversational AI Development with React Server Actions|

We proudly announce the launch of version 1.8.0 of ChatBotKit React SDK, marking a significant leap forward in the development of conversational AI agents and bots. Learn More

ChatBotKit React SDK version 1.6.0 is out|

ChatBotKit React SDK Version 1.6.0 is a groundbreaking update that introduces enhancements, and innovative components designed to synergize seamlessly with React Server-Side Components and Next.js Server Functions. Learn More

ChatBotKit Unveils New Performance Metrics Screens for Bots, Conversations and Messages|

ChatBotKit introduces new performance metrics screens for Bots, Conversations, and Messages, offering in-depth insights into chatbot performance and effectiveness. The new screens include Net Promoter Score (NPS) calculations, providing a quantifiable measurement of customer loyalty. Accessible from the ChatBotKit dashboard, these features revolutionize customer interaction understanding and offer a granular view of AI chatbot performance. ChatBotKit's ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is reinforced with this update, solidifying its position at the forefront of the AI chat technologies industry. Learn More

ChatBotKit Announces New Account Switching Functionality for Partner Users|

ChatBotKit announces new account switching functionality for partner users. This feature allows partners to seamlessly switch between their user sub-accounts directly from the ChatBotKit dashboard, offering a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Manage all aspects of child accounts in the same way as the master account, including creating bots, datasets, and skillsets. With this new feature, partner users can access all features across all accounts without compromise, making managing multiple accounts and resources as easy as managing just one. The Partner API is fully supported. ChatBotKit is committed to continuous innovation to meet the needs of partners and developers. Learn More

ChatBotKit Introduces a Dedicated Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool with its Node SDK|

ChatBotKit introduces a dedicated Command Line Interface (CLI) tool integrated within its Node SDK. This CLI tool revolutionizes the way developers interact with the ChatBotKit platform by providing direct access to the ChatBotKit API. With this tool, developers can easily create, modify, and engage with AI bots directly from their command line, enhancing efficiency and streamlining the bot development process. Learn More

ChatBotKit API Improved File Upload Support|

ChatBotKit API and SDKs have been updated to enhance the user experience with upvote/downvote routes and improved file upload support, allowing users to upload larger files up to 50MB. These updates aim to increase user engagement, provide direct feedback, and improve the performance of chatbots. Additionally, the enhanced file upload support enables users to handle larger PDF, DOCX documents, and diverse data sets. Upgrade to the appropriate plan to access these new features and create more engaging and interactive experiences. Learn More

ChatBotKit Introduces Upvote and Downvote APIs to our Suite of Tools|

ChatBotKit introduces Upvote and Downvote APIs to our Suite of Tools. These new features enable businesses to collect and analyze user satisfaction metrics more effectively. Real-time feedback on bot performance allows for fine-tuning responses and interactions based on user feedback. The Widget Integration seamlessly connects Upvote and Downvote buttons to back-end systems, capturing user sentiments accurately and instantly. ChatBotKit is also developing a comprehensive Analytics and A/B Testing feature-set to further optimize bot interactions. Learn More

Enhanced Control with X-RunAs-UserId Header and runAsUserId SDK Configuration Option|

Enhance control and customization with the new X-RunAs-UserId header and runAsUserId SDK configuration option for the ChatBotKit Partner API. Assume the child user when making requests, providing developers with greater flexibility to tailor SaaS solutions to unique business needs and target markets. Harness these features to create powerful, customized applications designed for your niche. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from ChatBotKit as we continue to innovate and enhance our platform. Learn More

ChatBotKit API Expands to Include Discord, Slack, Notion, and Support Integrations|

ChatBotKit API expands to include Discord, Slack, Notion, and Support integrations. Streamline operations, improve customer service, and foster collaboration with programmatic integrations across popular platforms. Automate internal communication, community management, content management, and customer inquiries. Empowering businesses with the best AI tools. Learn More

ChatBotKit Launches Powerful Partner API|

ChatBotKit launches its powerful Partner API, providing developers with the tools they need to create customized SaaS solutions tailored to their specific market niche. With access to advanced AI capabilities and a seamless developer experience, developers can build solutions that harness the power of ChatBotKit's platform for new applications and markets. This initiative reaffirms ChatBotKit's commitment to innovation and collaboration in the AI industry. Learn More

ChatBotKit Unveils Enhanced Usage Endpoint for API and Node SDK|

ChatBotKit unveils a new usage endpoint for its API and Node SDK, providing developers with insights into token consumption and conversation counts. This enhancement offers improved transparency, optimized resource allocation, and a streamlined development process for creating effective conversational AI chatbots. Learn More

Monitor and analyze system events in one place|

Discover the new centralized Events view in ChatBotKit dashboard, where you can monitor and analyze all system events in one place. Troubleshoot issues, gain insights, and optimize your bots for better performance. Upgrade your ChatBotKit experience today! Learn More

ChatBotKit Skillsets now record skillset action events!|

Learn about the new feature in ChatBotKit Skillsets that allows customers to record skillset action events. Gain full visibility into the actions performed by chatbots and analyze their outcomes to enhance performance and user experience. Learn More

ChatBotKit now supports Webhooks|

ChatBotKit now supports webhooks, allowing customers to receive real-time notifications about events and automate workflows. Enhance your conversational AI solution with ChatBotKit today! Learn More

ChatBotKit Export API is now out|

ChatBotKit has released a new export API, enabling customers to export their conversations, datasets, and skillsets. This update includes changes to the ChatBotKit dashboard, making it easier to work with your data. Learn more about this powerful new feature and how it can benefit you. Learn More

ChatBotKit API and Node SDK now support WhatsApp |

Learn how to easily connect your chatbot to WhatsApp with ChatBotKit API and NodeJS SDK. Increase your reach and engagement with over 2 billion active users. Learn More

ChatBotKit React SDK Version 0.6.0 Release|

Learn about the latest release of ChatBotKit React SDK version 0.6.0, featuring the new AutoScroller component and code-quality improvements. Upgrade your chatbot for a smoother user experience. Learn More

ChatBotKit Node SDK version 0.12.0 released!|

ChatBotKit Node SDK version 0.12.0 has been released, featuring a new cursor parameter for pagination and streaming. Learn more and download the latest version from our npm package. Learn More

ChatBotKit Widget now supports client-side API|

ChatBotKit Widget now supports client-side API, allowing for programmatically sending and receiving messages. Easily embed the widget on your website and have greater control over its behavior. Visit our documentation page to learn more. Learn More

ChatBotKit Datasets now come with recordMaxTokens option|

ChatBotKit Dataset now allows users to specify the maximum size of individual records with the new recordMaxTokens option. This feature enables the creation of custom datasets with varying record sizes to better fit specific use cases. Learn More

ChatBotKit SDK Supports the New File API|

Learn about the new File API supported by ChatBotKit SDK, and how it can help you manage files in your application more efficiently. Learn More

ChatBotKit Offers File API|

ChatBotKit now offers a File API to easily manage various types of files, including documents, images, audio, and video formats. Streamline your workflow and update or remove files as needed. Learn More

ChatBotKit API and Widget now support link unfurling|

ChatBotKit API and Widget now supports link unfurling, allowing for rich content to be embedded directly into your chatbot. Learn more about this exciting new feature and how it can enhance your customer interactions. Learn More

ChatBotKit API and SDK now support the Sitemap Integration|

ChatBotKit API and SDK now supports Sitemap integration, allowing customers to easily create, update, and synchronize their datasets with websites using ChatBotKit's web spidering technology. Learn More

ChatBotKit Datasets now support `maxRecords` and `maxTokens`|

ChatBotKit Datasets now support maxRecords and maxTokens, giving you even greater control over your chatbot's access to information. Learn More

ChatBotKit React SDK is now out!|

ChatBotKit React SDK simplifies the process of building advanced conversational AI agents. Create conversational agents with minimal effort, and have access to great support and high availability. Learn More

ChatBotKit Node SDK Docs and Examples Now Available|

Learn how to build powerful conversational AI chatbots with ChatBotKit Node SDK. Get started with installation, integration, and usage of the SDK, along with examples of chatbot development in Node.js. Learn More

ChatBotKit Node SDK Reaches Version 0.5.0 Stability |

ChatBotKit Node SDK has reached version 0.5.0 stability, allowing customers to interact with all methods from ChatBotKit stable API. Enjoy a more stable and reliable experience with ChatBotKit Node SDK. Learn More

ChatBotKit Launches New SDK for Node.js in Beta|

ChatBotKit launches a new SDK for Node.js in beta, designed to be usable in all supported environments. Build your chatbot with ease thanks to the necessary features included in the SDK. Learn More

New Interactive Method in Conversation Category|

ChatBotKit introduces a new interactive method in the Conversation category to simplify the way customers interact with the API. Get greater value and a streamlined experience. Learn More